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Backed by superior technology, ATPG provides cost-efficient, eco-friendly, effective solutions to deteriorating concrete, corroding steel, energy inefficiency, and more.


ATPG Corporation

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Increased Performance
of Concrete

Producing and disposing of concrete harms the environment through carbon emissions and landfill waste. Extend the life of concrete structures by preventing thermal cracking and deterioration.

Solve chronic, persistent
issues in your structure

Modern Office Buildings

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Old buildings need to be updated for new environmental standards while decreasing cost and energy savings. Our products can help you get there.

Shrink your carbon footprint and energy bills

Lab Experiments

Restoration of
Industrial Structures

All metal will rust, and all concrete will crack. ATPG's cost-saving single-coat system provides an effective solution for restoring and protecting industrial structures.

Solve chronic, persistent
issues in your structure

Laser Cutting

Proprietary Technology

Our unique proprietary products are 100% solids and contain zero VOCs. Not only are they safe for the environment, but they eliminate the disadvantages of other epoxies on the market.

Superior technology engineered to outperform all others


Corrosion Protection for Steel

Rust and metal corrosion cause enormous economic losses for industries each year. Our protective coating adheres to surfaces and resists corrosive agents better than other coatings.

Stop corrosion now


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Ready for a solution?

 Resolve corrosion, leaking, cracking, and energy loss before they become bigger problems.

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