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Our proprietary products are high-performing, environmentally safe, and reduce the carbon footprint.

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ATPG has created a niche in the protective coatings market by developing unique and technologically superior products. Driven by the need to protect industrial structures, as well as the environment, the company has developed unique solutions that offer superior performance without any environmental hazards.

Our proprietary coatings provide exceptional surface protection for a range of markets, including:

Exceptional Surface Protection

 Concrete Restoration

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and has been around since the days of the Roman Empire. However, it is very vulnerable to deterioration. Thermal cracking and water intrusion are the two most common causes of concrete failures. ATSP effectively mitigates this problem with its high-performance products


Marine vessels and structures operate in a very harsh environment. The combined effects of water, salt, and UV are the optimum conditions for corrosion to thrive. ATSP’s IC with its outstanding edge retentive properties as well as superior ability to resist water intrusion, salt contamination, and UV damage is the perfect solution for protection of marine structures.

Power Generation

In power generation plants corrosion is the primary factor leading to costly and critical downtimes. The water-steam circuits in power plants are inherently prone to corrosion, as the metal components are constantly in contact with water. The ability of ATSP’s IC Coating to withstand water intrusion mitigates corrosion damage in Power Plants.

Gas Transmission

Corrosive failures in the gas regulator vaults are not only expensive to repair but dangerous to people and property. Steel regulator vales can be rendered useless when damaged by corrosion.


ATSP’s IC Coating one coat application not only allows rapid return to service but provides a superior barrier to the corrosive atmosphere prevalent in regulatory vaults.

Corrosion Protection

3.1% of the World’s Gross Domestic Product or 2.2 trillion USD is the cost of corrosion to the World’s economy. It further revealed that, although corrosion management has improved over the past several decades, the industrial nations of the world must find more and better ways to encourage, support, and implement optimal corrosion control practices.


ATSP’s IC Coatings significantly increases corrosion protection of steel structures as well as reducing costs.

Treatment Facilities

Processing regulations in wastewater treatment facilities have led to increased production of

sulfuric acid, which is highly corrosive to the structures of the facility and leads to early

catastrophic failure of the legacy coal tar and amine cured protective coatings


ATPG’s IC Coatings superior chemical resistance coupled with its ability to inhibit water

penetration makes it the superior solution for the Wastewater Industry.

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Advantages of ATPG's unique,
flexible, solventless coating:







Safe for the environment and virtually odorless.
Resists chemicals and moisture.
Exceptional surface tolerance promotes superior adhesion.
Edge retentive to ensure the ENTIRE surface is protected.
Self-Priming: No need for multiple coats!
Overcomes the known disadvantages of other products.
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Environmentally Safe

ATPG has created a niche in the protective coatings market by developing unique and technologically superior products. Driven by the need to protect industrial structures, as well as the environment, the company has developed a unique solventless coating solution that offers superior performance without any environmental hazards.

Poor indoor/outdoor air quality can lead to short- and long-term health problems including allergies, asthma, skin irritation, eye irritation, nausea, headaches, memory impairment, and “sick building syndrome.”

ATPG Coatings have zero VOCs, eliminating harmful emissions to the environment.

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Superior Performance

Our coatings are based upon a completely unique polymer chemistry. The proprietary polymer as well as the revolutionary and proprietary curing agents used in the coating system enable it to outperform other coatings available in the market.


What makes our products
superior to other coatings?

  • The only flexible 100% solid coating made from our proprietary thermoset polymer.

  • Contains no water, which causes shrinking.

  • Solvent-free, which eliminates pinholes caused by solvent venting (which could allow water to penetrate underneath the coating).

  • On average 40 times more water-resistant than elastomeric coatings with 0.1333 permeability.

  • Able to withstand standing or ponding water with no damage to the coating.

  • Resists the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

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  • The most chemical-resistant coating available, with the ability to withstand a 90% sulphuric acid solution.

  • Contains ZERO VOCs so there are no environmental hazards.

  • Virtually odorless.

  • 2800 PSI adhesion.

  • 73D Shore hardness for Mastic and 63D Shore hardness for Industrial Coating, which is best in class.

  • ASTM D 714 rating of 10 (highest) on resistance to blistering.

  • ASTM D 1654 rating of 8 (highest) on corrosion creepage.

  • ASTM D 4214 rating of 8 (highest) on chalking.

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Proven Success

Here are some of the successes ATPG has accomplished in industrial, governmental, and commercial sectors in the global market:

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  • Buildings that have leaked before have stopped leaking after being coated with our product.

  • Our products mitigate water intrusion within the building envelope.

  • Our coating enhances air tightness and energy efficiency in buildings.

  • The coating stands up to saltwater, acid rain, UV, and high temperatures without any cracking, peeling or signs of degradation.

  • It reduces the disbandment of cement and concrete, as well as preventing concrete spalling and thermal cracking.

  • Using our technology in buildings contributes to LEED Certifications.

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Superior Technology Shields Your Structure

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