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Concrete Structures

Increased Performance of Concrete Structures

Prevent the major causes of concrete deterioration.

Concrete Structures

When you hear "crumbling infrastructure," think crumbling concrete!


Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and has been around since the Roman Empire. However, it is very vulnerable to deterioration.

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Smoothing Concrete

Thermal Cracking

Besides the rare earthquakes or settling of older structures, fluctuating temperatures cause the overwhelming majority of cracks you see in industrial concrete.


Daily changes in ambient temperature result in portions of concrete warming up or cooling down. Cool concrete contracts while warm concrete expands. If part of the concrete contracts while the other expands or stays static, it results in tensile stress to the concrete. Once those tensile stresses exceed the in-place concrete tensile strength, the concrete will crack.


While this day-to-day movement is minimal, over time, a differential of 20° C or more on a consistent basis will exceed in-place tensile strength and cause surface cracks. As an example, in some parts of Mexico, between hot sun during the day and rapid cooling at night, concrete temperatures can vary by 50°C (122F) or more. Over time, this will and does cause the cracking seen in concrete. In addition, thermal cracking enables water to penetrate the concrete surface and corrode the steel reinforcement, further hastening concrete failure.

Protect Concrete, Protect the Environment

Because of the environmental consequences of concrete production and disposal, it is crucial to maintain concrete structures whenever possible. Here are a few ways concrete affects the environment:

Manufacturing concrete releases high amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Concrete production is the third-highest contributor to carbon emissions behind cars and coal-fired plants.

Concrete accounts for half of all building waste in landfills.

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Cool Technology

High-performance cool technology can improve concrete performance and extend its usable life. Coatings based on cool technology, when applied to the surface of concrete, lower its temperature and prevent water intrusion which corrodes the steel reinforcement. 

Protect concrete before it fails!

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