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Industrial Decarbonization

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The US has committed to reducing Green House Gas emissions by 50% in 2030 and to be

Carbon Neural by 2050.

The US Department of Energy has determined that the Commercial and Industrial Sectors of the

American Economy emits 47% of the Green House Gas Emissions.

The US office of Sustainability was created in 2021 to coordinate US sustainability efforts and as such list over 13 Statutes and Executive orders designed to reduce Green House Gas Emissions

throughout the Federal Government.

So, what is a practical cost effective method to implement reductions in Green House Gas Emissions?

It is with technology that already exists that can have an immediate impact on reducing


The removal of solvents, chemicals with high levels of Green House Gasses, expressed as VOC’s

(Volatile Organic Content) from Industrial maintenance coatings can remove millions of metric

tons pf GHG from the environment right now.

The majority of traditional epoxy coatings use water or VOC laden solvents as the vehicle to keep the coating in a liquid state so it can be transferred from the container to the surface. VOCs are harmful to the environment and are also detrimental to the coating system performance.

The American Coatings Association estimates 46 million gallons of industrial maintenance coatings were sold in 2020 releasing in excess of 35 million tons of Green House Gasses into the atmosphere.

ATPG unique solventless coating solution based upon its proprietary polymer and curing systems which not only reduced GHG emissions but has superior performance to traditional coating systems in the market.

ATPG IC products provide equal or better protection of physical assets at 40% of the costs.

ATPG has the Solutions for your Structures.

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