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Sustainability’s Impact on Facility Managers and Building Owners

The US Department of Energy has determined that the Commercial and Industrial Sectors of the American Economy emit 47% of the Green House Gas Emissions.

The US Federal Government has committed to reducing Green House Gas emissions by 50% in 2030 and to be Carbon Neural by 2050.

These net zero policies will have a significant impact on what materials you can use in your facility.

The American Coatings Association has determined that 46 million gallons of Industrial Coatings were sold as maintenance coatings in the US in 2020.The vast majority of these coatings contained solvents or water as well as VOC’s, also known as Green House Gases.

A typical yearly maintenance program at a US Petrochemical Plant would utilize 4,580 gallons of solvent borne industrial coatings. These coatings would produce an estimated 5.7 metric tons of Green House Gases.

ATPG's solventless Industrial Coatings would not only eliminate Green House Gas Emissions and help facilities meet their sustainability commitments they would lower coating costs on an average of 60% and eliminate the major causes of coating failures.

The growing trend in the coating market is the adoption of coatings which are low in VOC’s.

Lost in this trend is the point that solventless Zero VOC coatings are simply better coatings!

VOCs are harmful to the environment and are also detrimental to the coating system performance.

The drying process of solvent laden coatings relies on solvent or water evaporation. A coating inadvertently applied incorrectly may not be able to allow the solvents to fully evaporate out of the coating leading to solvent entrapment. This can result in blisters, voids, pinholes, or soft spots in the coating. Solventless High Performance Coatings eliminate these solvent risks.

Additionally, Solventless High Performance Coatings deliver better edge retention than solvent based coatings. As these coatings cure, they do not shrink like solvent-based coatings or pull away from surface edges, thus significantly increasing surface protection at a lesser cost.

Solventless High Performance Coatings are virtually odorless allowing for their application without evacuating buildings as well as having a predictable cure times which speeds up the completion schedule of projects.

ATPG Has The Solutions for Your Structures.

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