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Reduction of Building Materials Waste in Landfills

Reduction of Building Materials Waste in Landfills is a key Sustainability goal.

When you hear the term “crumbling infrastructure” think crumbling concrete.

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and has been around since the roman empire. however, it is very vulnerable to deterioration.

It is very important that we maintain concrete structures whenever possible.

Concrete accounts for high levels of carbon emissions during its production. in fact, it is the third highest contributor to carbon emissions behind cars and coal fired plants. as well as accounting for half of all building waste in landfalls.

The US office of Sustainability was created in 2021 to coordinate US sustainability efforts and as

such list over 13 Statutes and Executive orders designed to reduce Green House Gas Emissions

throughout the Federal Government.

Cost of crumbling US infrastructure according to the American Society of Civil Engineers is estimated to be in excess of 5 trillion dollars.

Other than the rare earthquake or settling of an older structure, the overwhelming majority of

cracking in concrete decks is caused by thermal cracking. The daily fluctuation in ambient temperatures results in a warm portion of the concrete and a cool portion of the concrete. Cool concrete contracts and warm concrete does not contract and actually expands. If one portion of the concrete is contracting, and another portion is not contracting but expanding, it will result in tensile stresses and once those tensile stresses exceed the in-place concrete tensile strength, the concrete will crack.

Actual field experience in the Caribbean proves ATPG NRG coatings exhibit mitigation of thermal flux on concrete Thermal readings of adjacent concrete decks; one coated with NRG and the other without coating, had a temperature differential of 17.6 degrees Celsius, which is quite remarkable.

For those who think in Fahrenheit, the NRG Coated deck was 79.8 degrees F, and the uncoated deck was 111.6 F.

Proven experience in the Caribbean show there is virtually no thermal flux. Consequently, there

is no significant expansion and contraction over time and therefore there are no thermal cracks

on ATPG coated concrete decks and structures

ATPG has the Solutions for your Structures.

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